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The Anon Dare Meme

The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Kida Masaomi | Durarara!!

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[What am I even doing I haven't played this guy in years someone call 911 HEARTS WILL BE BROKEN!! D:]

Re: Kida Masaomi | Durarara!!

(Anonymous) 2015-01-12 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's start you off easy then. Go attempt to charm three cuties.
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That's it?! I do that before breakfast...
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Okay, 1 2 3 done!

Re: Kida Masaomi | Durarara!!

(Anonymous) 2015-01-12 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Tell someone a secret.
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A secret, huh?

Done! [What? You never said it had to be a real one!]

Kida Masaomi | Durarara!!

(Anonymous) 2015-01-12 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Go flirt with the lovely lady below you.
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[Such a nice outfit, he's all over that.]

Consider it done!
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[Sudden kiss.]
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[He knew this day would come if he tried hard enough for long enough! If he's feeling a little ambivalent about it, well... he'll throw himself into the lie the harder. It's always worked so far.]

Allow me to congratulate you on your excellent taste in men.
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[ This is not a nice dare, not at all. Mikado isn't even sure how to carry it out, at this point, considering everything. But he's gone as far as to find Masaomi, so... he might as well try, right?

The problem with being honest isn't just that he's out of habit of it, or that the situation is complicated, but that it's so complicated he's not longer sure what the truth is sometimes. So when he peers around the corner at Masaomi up to his old tricks with girls, it takes him a moment, he waits until his friend is alone, and then steps out from the shadows as best he can for now at least... ]

I miss you.

[ They just come out, those three words, in place of the whole speech that he's been building up in his head. ]
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[It's Masaomi's own fault. He can't even deny it. He was in a bad mood, taking out his anger on Mikado with that dare, provoking him... Maybe wanting to provoke him, to see if he'd actually do it, to cross that divide that Masaomi couldn't seem to. Masaomi wanted it to happen, and yet...

He freezes upon hearing that voice. Somehow being addressed directly is more of a shock than seeing Mikado is, and maybe that's what Masaomi was afraid of most of all. Jeez, how pathetic can he be...]


[The way he says it, it's more than just a name, but maybe not altogether a good thing. This is ridiculous... No matter what his reasons were, he can't stay away anymore, can he? He can't pretend that Mikado isn't here. Then... can't he at least admit the truth?]

... I miss you, too.

[But. But he still stands in place. But he still can't go back. But, but, but...

If going back was as easy as that, he would have done it already. Right?]
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[ What now? He's been honest. Sure, he's only said one thing, but it was a true thing. That's enough, right? Standing here looking at Masaomi, hearing the same thing in return from him, Mikado can't think of anything to say next. Thank you? I'm sorry? Masaomi left first, didn't he? But it was Mikado who went too far away to reach, in the long run, in all the ways that count.

He pushes his hands into his pockets, nods his head, not attempting to close the space still between them. ]

I don't know what to do.

[ Well, that's more honesty there, at least? His voice is quiet, thoughtful, and he doesn't quite look Masaomi in the eye. ]
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[Masaomi may be a coward in many, many ways, but he's not avoiding eye contact, and no matter how shocked he is, he's not actually thinking about leaving. He wanted to avoid this moment if he could, yes, but... now that it's come to this, he has no intention of running.

How can Mikado still seem exactly the same, even with Masaomi knowing what he does? But Mikado is still the same, and that's both reassuring and the most terrifying.

Masaomi sits down on the nearest flat surface, finally looking away with s soft sigh, and wonders what Mikado is talking about - the two (three?) of them, or... everything else? That's something that's changed, he notes bitterly. But Masaomi's only got himself to blame for that, doesn't he?]

I'm kind of the wrong person to ask, you know? In case you didn't notice, my choices of action haven't worked out so well lately.

[It could have been an attempt at his habitual fake cheerfulness of old, but it's not. It's honest in return, painfully so, and even with everything (almost everything) out in the open, admitting how messed up he is in front of Mikado only makes him feel more so. It used to be so easy, when they were kids... Now, it's almost like the more he tries to control the damage, the bigger the damage becomes.

He's still not sure what exactly Mikado was asking about, but it's funny how that answer works for Masaomi's whole life... even the present. Well, at least he has Saki back. While that's a little messed up in itself, it's more than enough to live for.]
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Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but...

[ It feels strange to try to joke and tease right now, but he does it anyway, desperately grasping for something of what used to be between them. It feels like if he could just step sideways somehow, he could reach that space where they'd existed before, just as sometimes walking around Ikebukuro with Anri, it's like Masaomi is there, just beyond some separator between one reality and another.

But Mikado doesn't know how to make the step, and though Imagination Theater tells him that if he could do it, Masaomi would wrap his arm around his neck and give him a noogie and tease him again, he's left standing here wondering just why being bullied is his optimal endpoint for life right about now. ]

Can we walk together?

[ He steps closer, his expression thoughtful. It's more than just a question of if Masaomi will, at this point. ]
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errrr I forget... post vol. 6? or some other time?

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[Masaomi smiles a bit at that joke, and if it's not entirely amused, at least it's not a bad thing, either. That was a lame joke, but he clings to it as something not hostile. (Criticizing, maybe, but he deserves at least that much.) It helps a little, getting that out of the way. Really, he'd rather Mikado comes out and says what he thinks, if only by way of a joke, than pretending nothing's happened. Much as Masaomi would love to do that, it's just not possible anymore.

Walking is fine in the literal sense, and maybe it will soon been okay again in the figurative sense, too. For now, Masaomi looks up at Mikado a moment before getting to his feet, nodding. May as well start with the literal, right?]


[There are things he's curious about, honestly, but asking the questions feels like harsh criticism, even if he doesn't mean it that way (and would be the worst hypocrite if he did). At the same time, Mikado and him are at least talking now, and asking if it's okay to ask questions feels like it would be a nail in the coffin of their friendship. So, in the end, he comes out and asks it, just like that.]

Is it really true? That you started Dollars.

[He believes that Mikado runs it all right, even if that's a little hard to imagine, but what boggles him the most is how Mikado ended up in a situation like that in the first place.]
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We can do that!

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[ He doesn't actually know the answer to the question. Mikado considers for a moment as they start to walk, and if he steps close enough to Masaomi to make their arms touch a little without actually reaching out, it's purely instinct, not thought at all. What he's thinking about is the difference between one type of truth and another, truths about intentions and about actions. ]

I did.

[ He tilts his head back, looking upward toward the sky instead of down toward the ground like a part of him wants to, as if even that choice will make a difference somehow. He has to keep doing things, not just getting dragged along; he has to make his own place or this isn't any good. ]

That's why I have to take responsibility for it now. Even if I didn't intend for it to become what it is, I still created it. I can't just walk away.
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I'm good with anything! it's more a matter of how crazy Masaomi knows Mikado is :p

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[Masaomi is fine with walking close, with accidental (or not so accidental) touches... with a whole bunch of things, really. They're still them, after all, and some things about 'them' will never change. What's changed, if anything, is the presumptions he'll make based on that friendship, the liberties he'll take because of it. Maybe their friendship never changed, but they have changed. If some aspects of their friendship don't change to fit their current selves, their friendship can never last.

Unfortunately for Masaomi, what has to change about their friendship is, first of all, him no longer pretending to be some kind of destined idol, finally growing up a bit, and secondly, admitting that he couldn't protect Mikado - or, more precisely: that he was never in a position to protect Mikado in the first place. Neither of those requirements are all that fun. He had liked pretending to be someone worth being. He had liked the idea of protecting Mikado, and so being at least a fraction of the decent person he wanted to be.]

You can't control it, either. It's not that kind of team.

[He's not really disapproving of Mikado's decisions, just pointing out an obvious flaw in that reasoning - one Mikado must be well aware of himself.]

Well, it's not like any team is easy to control...
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just after 6 then!

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[ What is there to say? That's something Masaomi knows about, isn't it? And what does he himself know about it? But he's determined to try, and that's all he can do. He sighs, pushes his hand in his pocket, brushing fingers over his phone without pulling it out. ]

I don't want to control it, not entirely. I just want to get rid of the worst of it. That's all. Even I can do that much.

[ He wants to sound confident, but he doesn't. Instead, he sounds like he's pleading with Masaomi to believe him, to have faith in him on this. He turns his head, looking at his best friend for a second, almost as if he's both desiring and wary of knowing his expression, his thoughts. ]
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[Masaomi's eyes are aimed straight ahead, his expression serious. It's probably not an expression Mikado is used to seeing in him, but this isn't the time to hide anything. If they're going to work this out, he can't hide at all anymore, at least for a while: no distractions, no trying too hard with the jokes, though there's still a trace of the latter in his tone of voice. Now that it's come to this, Masaomi wants them to work this out, almost desperately: this is a second chance he wasn't sure he'd get.

Masaomi has been in the same spot as Mikado, repeatedly, and if he couldn't prevent his best friend from ending up in a position like that, he can at least try to help Mikado limit the damage. He's just not sure how - or, rather: he's pretty sure that Mikado won't accept the best solution.]

You'd be better off leaving, you know?

[It's a gentle suggestion, and one he doubts Mikado will run with. Mikado is really passionate about Dollars, and if that hurts a little for reasons Masaomi doesn't fully understand, he can at least respect it. But Mikado is still a decent person, and Masaomi wants him to be able to leave Dollars eventually - before Mikado does something he can't come back from.]

I'm not saying you're wrong for wanting to clean things up. But say you do that today, and you do it tomorrow, and the day after that... You can get rid of the worst all you want, but something else will pop up the moment you do.

[He finally turns his head to look at Mikado, and his expression is as deadly serious as it was before, possibly even more so with the full weight of his gaze to back it up.]

Where are you planning to stop?
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When it feels like the right thing to do.

[ What else can he say? He doesn't know. He has specific goals, that's true, but he doesn't know exactly what the stopping point will wind up being. He knows that things have to be better, but Masaomi is right too. There will always be bad people, everywhere, even in Dollars. But... ]

The good just has to outweigh the bad, that's all. We have to set it right.

[ He's looking ahead of them as they walk now, but standing close, and his footsteps are slightly sloppy, as if he's very tired. Something about being with Masaomi now, being honest with him, it's... good and bad both. It makes him feel like maybe he could and should rest, like if they could just go somewhere and sit down he'd be asleep in seconds.

Considering how little he's been resting lately, maybe it would happen, but it can't and he knows it. That Masaomi just being there makes him want these things, want rest and relaxation and normalcy, is just proof that staying away from him is important. ]

But once the good outweighs the bad, that's when we can be together.
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[Once the good outweighs the bad... But what if it never will? That's what Masaomi wants to ask, but he has no right to. He's had plenty of chances to go back, to join up with Mikado again, to cross that divide - but he never did. If Mikado wants to set limitations on if and when they can be friends again, that hurts, but it's not unexpected, and Mikado has every right to make that kind of call after what Masaomi has done.

But that doesn't mean Masaomi is going to accept it just like that.]

You don't have to do that kind of thing alone. Besides, you can't.

[No one can do that kind of thing alone, and, Dollars being the kind of organization it is - and Mikado being the kind of person he is - Masaomi doubts that Mikado has the help he needs. So maybe he's offering, almost, sorta kinda. Maybe he's holding out a hand for Mikado to take, because the sooner this gets sorted out, the better the odds of Mikado escaping before he's broken. The mess he's in is bad enough already, entirely too similar to the one Masaomi got himself into. Any day now, something may happen that irreversibly damages Mikado. Masaomi has been there already: unlike Mikado, he has nothing left to lose. It only makes sense for him to take over any and all dirty work, if it will help keep Mikado safe.

But he can't bring himself to offer that kind of help in so many words. He doesn't have the right to involve himself that way. Not anymore.]
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I'm not doing it alone.

[ The words leave a bitter taste in his mouth, though, and he makes a face. ]

Besides, you left for a reason, didn't you?

[ He doesn't want to make accusations. It's not an accusation. As much as he misses Masaomi, as much as they both miss him, it's not that they're angry at him for leaving. There was a reason, Mikado is sure of it. He tilts his head, peers into his best friend's face. ]

Sonohara-san and I... we miss you. But you wouldn't have gone if you didn't have to, right? So saying it now, that I don't have to do that thing alone, like you could just come back and fix it... is that really okay?
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[Not alone..? He wants to ask, even though it's none of his business. He's about to ask, even, but Mikado continues talking, and... with those few simple sentences, all hope of making things right again is destroyed.

Of course there was a reason he left. Actually, there were a few reasons - some of them really good ones - but the main one is disgustingly simple: he's a coward. Afraid of getting his friends hurt, directly or indirectly; more afraid of being hurt himself, on a purely emotional level, rejected as a friend for being the kind of person he is. He needs his friends. As long as he has Mikado, and even Anri, there is hope for himself, too. Someday, he will stop fucking up, and getting everyone he cares about hurt. Someday, he will be strong enough to fix the parts of himself that are broken.

But right now, he really isn't, and everything Mikado is saying just proves how Masaomi keeps making things worse for everybody. Sorry, Saki... He tried. He tried to close the gap, but he can't, and now it feels bigger than ever, all his fears confirmed.]

Well, you have a point there. [There's something like a laugh in his voice - or maybe an intense sadness that the slight curling of his mouth can't quite disguise as the exact opposite.

A split second later, he stops walking. He can't take more of this. He's not helping either of them, and the sooner it ends, the better - before he breaks even further. He can't let himself break, even for his best friend.]

Mikado... Be careful.

[It's lame and generic; for that matter, it's the same thing he told Mikado shortly after he'd come to Ikebukuro. So maybe it's meaningless, but he means it, with all his heart.

Masaomi is a lost cause. But Mikado... Mikado needs to be okay.]