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The IC Anon Questions Meme!

How this works.

Post with your Character! Name and series go in the header.

Go find another character! Go anon and ask them questions. They can be as ridiculous, serious or random as you want.

Go answer the ones people have left for you!
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Orihara Izaya | Durarara!!

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If for some reason Shizuo moved far away from Ikebukuro, would be happy or sad?
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If that's supposed to be a trick question, it rather falls short. The sooner Shizu-chan disappears from my life, the better.

Well, I suppose it's true that I'd rather be the one causing his disappearance.

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Is death the really only thing you'd be afraid of?
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"Afraid" is really too strong a word, even when it comes to death. [Nevermind that he's applied the same word to it himself, before.] If anything, my feelings are closer to intense dislike, or even revulsion. With something so final and inescapable, doesn't it feel like you're playing against an opponent who's cheating? I have every intention of escaping it, though.

There's simply no point in fear. If you have a reason to do something, whether as a hobby or for your job, you do it. If there are any risks, you make sure they're well under control. Fear isn't going to change the outcome of your efforts; if anything, it will limit what you do in the first place, and ruin your enjoyment of even that much. In short: it's completely counter-productive.