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The Anon Dare Meme

The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Ella | Cinderella

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[A very stoic and impossible to read young looking girl suddenly appears about four feet behind Ella. Her voice rings out true and clear despite being behind the other, though it sounds like she's whispering in her ear. Her voice is just as hard to read as herself.]

How would you like to die?
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...Die? [There is a ring of concern and worry in Ella's voice] Why would you ask such a question?
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[Even with the other's concern, Enma does not waver or blink.]

It was my dare to ask.
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Oh. Why would someone dare a person to ask something like that? It seems cruel, on the person dared and on the people they have to ask.
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[Enma shrugs. She wasn't sent to collect this soul, so it was best not to give out too much information.]

People are strange.
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[Ella nods in agreement; she certainly has seen the strangness of people - mostly within her own family]

But, I would hope, not all people are cruel?
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[Ai just looks away. It seems a sensitive sublet, though her voice stays even.]

You are lucky if you find one that is not. People are selfish my nature.
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[Ella's eyes are downcast. Oh]

I... have seen examples of what you say. I was hoping it was not true for the wider world.
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[Pauses for a while.]

Keep looking. The living should keep looking.
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[And, bless, now Ella looks confused]

I don't understand. What do you mean by the living?
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[Most either look like that or terrified at her, so it's nothing new.

She disappears and and then appears again next to Ella side. She says nothing, but lets the other process what she did.]
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You understand?