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It's SUNDAY! ^_^

The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Yamaguchi Kumiko | Gokusen | OTA

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Find three people and give them a math lesson!
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[She punches her fist in the air] Yes, giving others education is a brilliant dare!