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It's SUNDAY! ^_^

The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Warren Peace | Sky High | OTA

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Strike up a conversation with someone you find attractive.
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...Really? Just one someone? I can do that. [Anti-social as he is]

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go get one of Daryl Dixon's arrows without him knowing it was you
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Yeah, that's likely. [But he'll try]
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[Okay so Perry isn't entirely sure that this guy is evil, but he looks it so it can't hurt. Perry crashes into wherever Warren is right now and folds his arms, looking ready to fight.]
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[Warren lifts an eyebrow in return, looking down at the green platypus]

And you're wanting ... what?