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1) Reply to the Santa at the start.
2) For real, everyone gets a gift from Santa, everyone. This gift may be coal or worse.
3) Post to the meme with your character, name, etc.
4) Reply to others with the giving of gifts! 'Tis the season, after all.
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Rey | Star Wars

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1/2 (spoilers!)

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[ Look Rey! ]
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[ it's that piece of me you cut off wrapped in a dainty little red metallic box . ]
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[Rey is just... not going to touch that box, thank you]
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[ But it's so neat, and shiny. :[ And also where's his? ]
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[But it's a piece of you! And fine. In a shiny blue box you will find a (defunct) power coupler. ... What? She only knows technology, okay?]
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[ No. It's not okay. He doesn't want your used junk Rey. But it's going in the robes anyway. Besides... ]

I think we both know, you know what I really want.
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I don't have the right to give that away.
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But you do have it, don't you?
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Then it belongs to you.
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That doesn't mean I can give it to you.
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Does birthright mean nothing to you?
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I don't even know what that means
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By birth it is my right. Self explanatory.
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By the Force it chose me.
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The Force exists in a state of constant fluctuation.
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Then it might decide to give the lightsaber to you. Just wait