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Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything!

Everyone has their own story, whether they're the protagonist or some measly side character, and people want to hear yours!

Just post a description of yourself in the title and let those crazy anons ask you questions.

Here are some examples:
  • Ask a MgRonald's cashier!
  • Ask someone who studies Titans for a living anything.
  • Everyone ships me with my best friend, AMA. (also, help)
  • My life revolves around pitting animals against each other, ask me about Pokemon.
  • I met Goku in a meme once, AMA.
  • Ask a guy who gets 10 minutes of screentime.
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Moisture farmer & amateur jedi, AMA

[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-03 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
[Guess which one he actually knows more about (hint: it's the exciting world of moisture farming.)]

(Anonymous) 2016-01-03 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
Do moisture farming and, have anything in common?
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[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-03 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
I wish! Moisture farming is possibly the most boring thing in the universe, but it's hard to have a dull time while... uh, Jedi-ing.
deepseated: <user name="vertigo" site=""> ({LA} 64)

[personal profile] deepseated 2016-01-03 10:55 am (UTC)(link)
Riveting as the world of moisture farming may be, have you never thought about finding out more about your parents?

[ Beyond, you know, the fact that your father had the mother of all bad hair days for the last decade or so and the rest of the galaxy at large had to suffer for it.

...there is a reason for this, probably. ]
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[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
[ACTUALLY..... that's a good question.]

Uncle Owen used to get mad when I asked, and Ben is... gone. I guess I haven't really thought about it.
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[personal profile] deepseated 2016-01-04 07:02 am (UTC)(link)

That's...really quite strange, isn't it? [ Admittedly, the whole situation is a little bit odd but let's just disregard that right now. No point in getting sidetracked. ]

I only ask because I've never heard you mention your mother.
lightsaver: (ur a space wizard luke)

[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 03:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know who she is-- was, probably. [A beat.] I guess I didn't really know who my father was either, until I met Ben. [OH, THE IRONY.] Are you close with your mother?
deepseated: <user name="pbsbyariel" site=""> ({LA} 28)

[personal profile] deepseated 2016-01-04 03:31 pm (UTC)(link)
No, she -- she died when I was born. [ One day they will have a lighthearted conversation. One day. Today is evidently not that day. ]

The point is, I'm sure there must be some way to find out more about her. If you wanted to, I mean.
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[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 04:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[Womp, womp. Luke winces, apologetic.] I'm sorry.

I'd like that. Maybe she's still out there somewhere. [Gosh he can't believe he's never actually thought about doing this before.]
deepseated: bathaus ({LA} 41)

[personal profile] deepseated 2016-01-04 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
It's all right. [ Well no, not really, but its something she's gotten used to. She still had her brother, after all, and her grandparents. ] My grandmother looked after us both, until my father returned. And then, of course, there was Arno. I don't think I ever told you about him.

Maybe. [ The corners of her mouth tick up slightly. Stranger things have been known to happen and who knows? He's about due some luck surely. ] It can't hurt to try.
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girlandherstaff: (looking)

[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-03 04:33 pm (UTC)(link)
You can ... farm for moisture? [Cue a confused look from Rey]
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[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
[C'mere desert planet bro, let him teach you the boring, boring way.] Yeah, with vaporators: you pull the moisture out of the air. It was the only way to get water on Tatooine.
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-04 01:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know if anyone did that on Jakku, but there was always water, so.... maybe someone did? [It sounds a little more interesting that having to barter for tiny little bit of things-that-were-supposed-to-be-food each day]
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[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 02:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, if Jakku is closer to the Core then it might make sense to import water, but Tatooine is all the way on the Outer Rim. No one's going to haul that kind of cargo that far. [It offers more leisure time than scavenging, that's for sure.]
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-04 02:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I ... I don't know where it is. It's a junk planet. Literally.
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[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 02:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I guess I've never actually been to a junk planet. What's it like?
girlandherstaff: (scavenger)

[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-04 03:36 pm (UTC)(link)
[A shrug]

Hard to live in. No one makes friends or family, it's not that sort of place.
lightsaver: and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now (i came out to have a good time)

[personal profile] lightsaver 2016-01-04 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[Now that, is depressing.] Oh. I'm sorry.
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-04 06:44 pm (UTC)(link)
It's okay. You ... Well, you don't get used to it, but you learn to deal with it.