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in case the diagram is not enough

1. Everyone is at a big party. I don't know how we fit this many people into one room either, but bear with me!
2. Post an IC or anon comment with a subject that finishes the sentence "never have I ever".
3. If you see something your character has done, reply with them taking a shot! If they've done it many times, have them take many shots or down an entire bottle. Shots do not need to be alcohol, especially not for underage characters.
4. All characters must be honest. It's more fun that way.
5. Bother other people. Demand details. Don't wreck the house, please, and post warnings if things get 18+.


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...I'm not really fond of alcohol.
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Let me know if you're not cool with Homestuck/the text

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[Holds up apple juice bottle.]

join the club
the time travelling juice drinking club
theres a surprising amount of us
its kinda dumb
but hey ill clink my juice to yours in a toast
a toast of shitty time powers
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i'm not familiar with canon but i'm cool with it

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Juice sounds good.

[Max smiles and finds a glass to be filled. Chloe would tease her so much right now.]

Oh, I'll cheer to that.

[Her expression and tone makes it clear she agrees.

Time travelling has made me feel so powerful and so low in the span of minutes.
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[He hoards apple juice like wild, but he can spare some for a time traveller. He pours it so that the juice is at the mid-way point of the glass; he refuses to elaborate if it's half-full or half-empty. He's fallen subject to that too many times.]

i get that
its like
you always see movies and shit thatre all
"oh man time travel this is boss, im gonna go back in time and ride a t-rex and meet my own great-grandma!!!"
and like some of them are all "yo be careful where you piss it mind be primordial soup"
but they never warn you about how awful time travelling actually is when you get down to it
what went wrong with you
see yourself die a lot

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[That's an experience she'd rather forget. She held up her shot glass in a salute.]

Well bottom's up.
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Once or twice. Does it happen often on Earth?

[He has a crazy straw, so he doesn't have to take the helmet off.

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[Kinda? Sorta? Technically?]

Um, is juice fine? I'm kinda young for this...
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Let me know if you're not cool with Homestuck/the text

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yeah probably
even if it isnt
who cares
we travelled in time
weve earned some damn juice
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[Box of apple juice. What, she's thirteen!] I count times my future self has time travelled that I haven't gotten around to doing yet? Because that adds at least one to the pile.
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I can nix the font if needed.

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[Sup. AJ, nice choice.]

its still you
you will do it
but you know its going to happen
to you
by you
ie youve time travelled
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It's fine! I have muses from the fandom too.

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[Nice for taste, but she is really going to have to go to the bathroom after this.]

I guess that makes sense. Though who knows how many times I time travel between now and then that I don't know about yet.
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[He'll be taking his drink, thank you very much.]
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Depends on your point of view.

[And, with a lopsided shrug, he downs a cup of sake like it's no one's business.]
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[ BRAVELY DOWNS A SHOT -- thanks celebi -- and almost spits it out. chokes it down and grimaces instead. ]

What the heck is in this stuff?

[ he may be 16 but he is PURE AND GOOD and has never had alcohol in his life. yeah, definitely going to switch to moomoo milk from now on. ]
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...I don't know. Does what we did actually count, when you think about it too hard?

...Eh, yeah, it counts.

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[Kohaku can't drink liquor, so they're using milk... Also, it was all Koryu's fault.]
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[guilty siiips...]
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[Luckily Barry will never be able to get drunk. How many shots will it take for this one exactly, anyway?]
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[Unwittingly, thanks to the second movie!

He'll be taking a drink.]
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[Apple juice is being sipped. With an ironic pinky finger up in the air, for some class.]
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[ . . . . . . . . . . ]

T-That's classified....?
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Do we have to take a drink for every time we traveled, or just one?
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Let me know if the font bugs you, I can alter/remove it.

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[Internal fanboy screaming.]

nah i think just one
otherwise people would need to refill way too quickly
like on other things too i think
not just time travel
but who knows theres way more time travellers here than i thought thered be
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NO KEEP IT PLEASE this is perfect!!

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Yeah that's true, I guess. We'd all be drunk in an hour, or somethin'.

[ Many livers have now been saved. ]

You time travel too? How'd you do it?

Sure, why not! Link?

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