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The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

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[The only dares that are worth anything involve snow or ice. Jack happens to have two fistfuls of snow prepared for his unsuspecting victim, her hooded sweatshirt making her a prime target for him to shove as much of it down her back as possible in a single movement.

Now to see the reaction. Obviously the best part.]
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[There is only one possible reaction to a prank like this one.

Feeling somebody grabbing her hoodie, she jerks, trying to turn around and see what's happening. Except it's too late for that, and as she feels the snow sliding down her back, she lets out an horrified scream.]


[This is just her luck, she's been here for what, two seconds?]
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[Well, if that isn't a job well done, he doesn't know what is. Sure, the only one he might be bringing joy to by doing this is himself, but a dare is a dare.]

Winter is here!
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[Max finally manages to turn around, shivering.]

So I heard...

[She says through gritted teeth. She's not mad. Ok, maybe she is a little mad... after all, her back is damp with snow.]
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[She does look a bit ticked off. Most people do after getting snow shoved down their backs, so Jack completely understands.]

You can throw a snowball at me if you want.

[He'd like that though. So...]
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[Or Max could rewind time and shove snow down his back instead assuming it works on Spirits. That would be funnier.

But it would also be an asshole move. After all, he did it for a dare.

Still, he doesn't look sorry.

Maybe, she could ask...]

Or maybe I could show you a snow-trick of mine.
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[Nope, not sorry.

However, if Max wanted to get his attention, she certainly managed it at the mention of a snow-trick.]

That sounds interesting.

[He thinks he knows all the tricks in the book. Time travel is not one of them.]
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[Max finally smiles, despite still feeling cold and uncomfortable. Revenge, here she comes!

She does have to think it through for a few moments though, even she doesn't know all the mechanics of her "trick".]

Ok... turn around and count to ten.

[She knows the power only affects her. Her idea is to let him count, so she can have time to walk in front of him. It won't matter if he sees her, because then she will rewind to the moment while he's turning and make it look she teleported in front of him.

So she waits.]

(ooc Hopefully you understand what I mean... it's easier done than said, lol.)
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Really? Turning around and counting?

[Jack rolls his eyes but complies, staff dug into the snow beside him as he begins counting loudly. He fully expects to have snow shoved down his sweatshirt in return, but hey, might as well let Max have her revenge.]

(ooc I got it, I think!)
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Turning around and counting. That's right.

[Max repeats, a small grin on her lips.
When he turns around, Max takes her time: first she crouches to scoop up a generous amount of snow (that somehow is conveniently at her feet), shaping into a ball. She shivers a bit at the lack of mittens, but she's going to endure it.
She moves then, walking in front of Jack, even by doing all of this as slowly as possible, he hasn't finished counting yet.]

Go on.

[She says, in case he was about to stop.
In the meantime, she finally notices that this guy is shoeless. What the hell? And what's with his staff? She decides those are questions for later.

Finally, he reaches 10. She holds up her free hand, activating her power.
She sees everything as if it's happening again, but faster and backwards. Now Jack is counting backwards, and a shadow of herself is walking away from him, then the shadow is dismantling the snow and leaving it on the ground, then Jack is turning around... And that's when she stops, when the guy is not facing shadow-Max anymore, but not real Max either. That's when time starts moving normally again. When he will complete the movement, it will be as if she teleported there.]


[And that also when she's going to shove her snowball on his head,if he's not fast enough to move away.]
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[ Chris' life always has to be weird. Even his dares are. He figures he's just paying the price for making that joke to Jill long after it has run its course, long after Barry's fiftieth time telling the story of it or saying it to her again. Her reactions were still pretty funny (if not cute) to him when he did it.

So, here's some big burly guy with two pieces of white bread in hand, smashing them a bit with how indelicate he holds them. ]

Hey. You mind doin' something for me, kiddo?

[ There's no condescending tone, just some middle-aged guy trying not to come off too weird when talking to someone probably young enough to be his daughter. On second thought, maybe he should have tried this with someone closer to his age? Oh well. Too late for that now. ]
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[Yup, Max is still here, and yes, her back still damp from the previous dare. She should really leave, at least momentarily to find some dry clothes.

But before she can do anything, she sees someone approaching, apparently she's going to be the victim for the rest of her stay here.

She looks at the man, then at the two pieces of bread. She thinks she has an idea of what he has to do.

Well, it's not going to be worse than snow shoved down her back, she can at least hear him out.]

Hello... yeah, depends. I don't want to be rude, but... [She turns around for a moment, showing him her wet hoodie.]
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i'm so sorry.

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Ah, there you are.

I've been wanting to meet you, after all this time. [ He has no idea who you are and he's just being full of shit as usual. ]

You and I, we must go on a date soon.
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Uh... hello.

[This guys act as if he knows her, but Max is pretty sure she has never met him before. She doesn't say anything at first, although she frowns a bit.]

A... date? [It's so weird that guys would want to go on dates with her dares or not.]

Are you sure you have the right person?