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Because there must be a kinky version of everything!

♉ You know the drill. Post your characters, any preferences on gender, age, and anything else, and a kink list is highly recommend.

♍ Look for others to anonymously dare to perform a kink and tell them who to perform it with! This can be as general or specific as you please!

♓ Play those puppies out, and make sure to do your own dares!

♒ Keep in mind that no one is obligated to carry out any kink requests or play out any threads! If someone says no or doesn't reply, please respect their wishes!
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Kotaro Bokuto | Haikyuu!! | M/M

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find someone to help inflate this bad boy and do your best to convince him to hump it

it might help to offer a demonstration
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[Kaoru is all dressed up in his police outfit, which is classy, of course, and completely not sexy.

No, the sexy comes from him.]

Hey there, boss. [He drawls, coming up behind Bokuto.] You have the right to remain sexy.
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That's good, 'cause I'm pretty sure I can't turn it off.

[ Bokuto spends his time surrounded by dudes in uniforms, but he's never laid eyes on someone wearing something so professional. Not only is it new and exciting - two of his favourite things - but it's very well made. He can't help but lean in for a closer look when he turns around to greet the stranger. Then he realises how pretty the guy inside the outfit is, and his attention switches to his face. ]

What seems to be the problem, officer?
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[Kaoru is patient, watching Bokuto's reaction to his costume with mild amusement that only increases when he notices the way Bokuto starts eyeing him. He allows his usual devilish smirk to spread on his face and waves his hand in the air nonchalantly.]

We've had reports that a strange man has been wandering around with some illicit substances. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

[He eyes him very suspiciously.]
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I don't even know what an illicit substance is, sir!

[ Bokuto holds his hands up in a gesture of innocence. He's quick to get into the role of the suspect, and more than willing to play along. The impish mischief behind Kaoru's act only draws him in deeper, leaving him wondering if he has actually done something wrong. ]
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[Kaoru can't help the laughs that comes out of his nose when Bokuto says that; of course the cute one is also an idiot, especially with hair like that. But Kaoru is excited about messing him up, and he really IS cute, so it's okay.]

Sure you don't, kid. I've heard this before, you know, the naive act. Keep your hands up just like that, I'm gonna pat you down to find your stash.