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HELP ME PLEASE! the meme

HELP ME PLEASE! the meme

We all have something we either can't do, or can't do alone. Luckily there's a meme for that.


○Post with your character.  Don't put their name and canon in the header.  Instead put something that they don't know how to do and would like to learn, or something they might want help or practice with.

examples: I can't swim • I need to clean this whole house so I can go to a ball and seduce a prince • I'd like to practice throwing pitches with someone

○Look around the meme! If you see someone that you think your character can be of some help to... tag them! 
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Trying to be a Queen of Good but...

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[Good seems to be self-absorbed, and shallow, and more interested in the appearance of being Good than actually being Good. Also the whole Queen thing is kind of a nightmare because she is NOT Queen material. She's a witch's daughter. She's ugly. She's... Okay, she's kind of badass in a fight, but apparently Queens don't do that. Help, please?]