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1) Reply to the Santa at the start.
2) For real, everyone gets a gift from Santa, everyone. This gift may be coal or worse.
3) Post to the meme with your character, name, etc.
4) Reply to others with the giving of gifts! 'Tis the season, after all.
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Sakura Kinomoto | Cardcaptor Sakura

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[Night had arrived. Snow had accumulated over the streets and rooftops as Mami waited for Sakura Kinomoto. Tomoe Mami was more familiar with the western tradition of the holiday, of it being a time to spend with family and loved ones.

Which was why she needed to be here.

As Sakura arrives homes, Tomoe Mami will immediately smile again, and hand over a gift to the young girl.]

Merry Christmas, Kinomoto-san.
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[Sakura had taken her time coming in, tapping the snow off her shoes before putting on her slippers. She had managed to make all her deliveries - apart from one - before it got too dark, so no-one should worry. Not even Kero-chan, though he might eat some of the sweets she received. The voice surprises her, and she looks up]

M-mami-senpai! Merry Christmas! Ah, let me get you some tea!

[Because visitor! Must follow rules of politeness!]
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It is alright, Kinomoto-san. I can make for us if you wish.

[As it was the custom for Mami to do so after every battle, more often than not spawning it with an entire teaset seconds after defeating an enemy. Which is why, at least, she materializes two teacups and a teapot to make little Sakura's job easier while Mami sits.]

It has been a few months since we met, and I wanted us to be together tonight. I really apologize for having appeared all of a sudden, but I thought it might be a good time for us to reflect on it...

[Mami brings up a box, white with a golden bow, softly pushed over the floor to her.]

Besides, you deserve this after our time together.
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But you're the guest, Mami-senpai!

[But still, she is grateful for the teapot and teacups. She pours the tea very carefully, mindful that this is her senpai's set and she mustn't upset it. She stares openly at the present before giving a little gasp and getting up and leaving the room. She comes back in and, bowing her head, hands over a package of brightly decorated sweets]

Ah, I'm sorry, I should have remembered to give you these right away. Please, accept this small gift.
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[The motions with which the little Sakura performed the ceremony were of great happiness, and pride for Tomoe Mami. Sakura Kinomoto had been a good girl, much greater than she thought she was, and better than Mami appeared to be to everyone.

She blinks at the package. Mami's hands cup around the bottom of the package, holding it and looking at it.]

Kinomoto-san... I might be a guest, but I believe you deserve as much respect as you grant me after the time I have spent with you. You are a really good person, and a friend.

[If Sakura opens her own box, she would see a blank box with a carefully crafted set of its own. A beautiful set, with porcelain around the pink and bronze hues of Sakura Kinomoto, rather than Mami's ivory and gold.]
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[Sakura's eyes widen at the sight of the set, and she turns, not really sure what it is she can say in thank you. As it is, only one word manages to come out.]