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1) Reply to the Santa at the start.
2) For real, everyone gets a gift from Santa, everyone. This gift may be coal or worse.
3) Post to the meme with your character, name, etc.
4) Reply to others with the giving of gifts! 'Tis the season, after all.
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usagi tsukino ( sailor moon ) ota

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( are there cookies here, too? )
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Um, Usagi-senpai? [because the magic of Santa lets magical girls know each other] I made you some Christmas cookies. Papa helped with the icing. Please continue to do your best!
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[ Ah, that age of battle between being embarrassed because someone younger makes much better looking cookies than you, being touched because you're a senpai, and being very, very hungry. ]

Ah, Sakura-chan, I can't waited to try them! [ So why not? She'll pop one in her mouth right now.

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[Well, Papa did help her, Usagi-senpai, and Papa is best at everything. Sakura looks over nervously]

Are... are they nice?
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It may be Christmas, Tsukino-san, but that is no excuse for improper posture.

[Her voice may be stern, but Mary Poppins hands over a gift all the same. It is a simple hair accessory kit - just right for a girl of Usagi's age]

And I wish you a Happy New Year when it arrives as well.
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I always have a lady's grace! It's because I'm a little clumsy that I slouch sometimes.

[ See, Mary, that's totally justifiable and not a nonsensical grab.

On the other hand, cute hair things... ]

Thank you, though.
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Do not argue back. Really, Tsukino-san, you will be a Queen one day, you must learn the manners required.

[Mary Poppins will have to come and be nanny to the Small Lady at this rate]

You are welcome, I hope they will see you well through the year. I believe your recent duties have made keep accessories nice rather difficult. These ones you will find to be rather sturdier.