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1) Reply to the Santa at the start.
2) For real, everyone gets a gift from Santa, everyone. This gift may be coal or worse.
3) Post to the meme with your character, name, etc.
4) Reply to others with the giving of gifts! 'Tis the season, after all.
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Minako Aino | Sailor Moon

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Aino-san, your bow is slightly crooked. Allow me.

[Mary Poppins will just fix the bow, and then hand over a parcel. Said parcel contains music that is very much to Minako's tastes]
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[She lets out a small squeak and tries to pull away before her bow is mussed with too much, but the deed is done before she could succeed. Minako shoots her an incredulous look and guards her (now neatly straightened) bow over her head.]

H-Hey, ask before you--

[Her rant was cut short at the package placed in her hands, and she gives it a mystified look.]

Are... are you Mrs. Claus?
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No. I am a friend of the family, however. My name is Mary Poppins, and I am a Nanny. That is to say, I take care of children, or those who perhaps may just need an extra helping hand.

[Yes, that does mean that she knows about your magical identity. She realises that you may need some support]
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[Man, who doesn't know about her magical identity here already-- but she studies her curiously, and starts picking at the wrapping paper.]

Why do you think that I would need the extra support? Nothing too bad has been happening lately... [Not that she knows of, at least, although she's been more caught up getting excited about Christmas things than keeping an ear out for any new youma things.]
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Those who look to take care of the entire world can always do with extra support, regardless of how bad it has been lately, Aino-san. [There's kindness in the tone]
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[She flushes slightly, despite herself, and she busies herself with opening the parcel instead of answering. Her eyes go wide at the CD inside of it, however, and she lets out a gasp.]

T...The Three Lights' demo CD?! Oh my gosh, where did you even find this?! I thought these were all snatched up ages ago!
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[And there's that barely there smile of Mary Poppins'.]

This came into my possession and I was quite sure that I knew who it was meant for. Enjoy the holidays, Aino-san.
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Re: Minako Aino | Sailor Moon

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[The magic of Santa means magical girls can recognise each other. Sakura is very nervous]

Ah, Minako-senpai. [She bows, and holds out the wrapped bag of Christmas candy] Please accept this gift!
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[Bless Santa and his mysterious magic! She's thrilled to see Sakura, however, and she gives her the sunniest of smiles.]

Sakura-chan! It's so good to see you again!

[She blinks momentarily in surprise at the candy being offered to her, but she grins and happily accepts it.]

Awww, thank you so much! I love it!

[Her grin turns a bit mischievous, though, and she reaches behind her to produce a small package of her own to hand to Sakura.]

Though I guess if we're exchanging gifts, now...

[Hope you like some cute, sakura blossom shaped hair ties!]
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Eh, for me?

[Sakura looks so surprised, and takes the parcel with her mitten covered hands. She opens the parcel and gasps at the sight of the adorable hair ties. She looks up at Minako, smiling brightly]

Thank you, Minako-senpai!
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[Oh goodness, she really was the most adorable thing]

Not a problem, Sakura-chan! Take good care of them, okay?

So, so, do you have any big plans for Christmas?
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[She holds them to her as though they are incredibly precious]

I will.

Um... Papa is going to cook a big meal, and Oni-chan is helping out.
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Aaaaah, that's so nice! Is he a good cook?

[And a thought occurs to her, and she leans towards Sakura conspiratorially.]

Come to think of it, is your brother cute too? Inquiring minds need to know.
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Papa is the best at everything. Even though he's busy with work at the university, he makes times to be with oniichan and me!

[She frowns, and considers this]

Oniichan is... annoying. But kind. I wouldn't like another oniichan except mine.
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Aw, I'm a little jealous. My own Papa's always so tired after his own work, so he's always stuck on the sofa or something. [She does have a Mama, though, but man does she ever hate her nagging]

And yes, yes, that's great and everything but... is he cute? [seriously Sakura, she wants to know if this brother of yours is worth pursuing GIVE HER THE DEETS]
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Maybe your Papa isn't so tired, you'll do something nice together?

[She considers this. And then nods]

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Ah yes, a beautiful woman such as yourself definitely deserves a gift on a day such as today.
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Well, this is true... but, oh, it's so sad, I haven't gotten a single thing yet, can you believe it? [Minako you liar you totally did shut up]

But maybe a kind, handsome man like yourself could fix that for me...?
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[ he extends his hand to her and gives her a flirty wink. ]

How would you enjoy getting a cup of coffee with me?
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She accepts his hand, and conceals her wide grin the best she can.]

If it isn't too out of your way... I think I would love it.
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For a beautiful princess like you, I would have it no other way.
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[Oh my god. OH MY GOOOOOOOD.]

Aw, you're such a charmer!

So, what's the best coffee place around here, do you think?
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I'm not certain. I'm a little ways from home, but I'm certain any of them will be lovely with the companion I'm with.
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Hmm... yeah, I'm not all that close to here either. But you're right, it's not where you're at, it's who you're with!

[And she oh so casually latches onto his arm.]

Sooo, where are you from exactly, hm?

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