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1) Reply to the Santa at the start.
2) For real, everyone gets a gift from Santa, everyone. This gift may be coal or worse.
3) Post to the meme with your character, name, etc.
4) Reply to others with the giving of gifts! 'Tis the season, after all.
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Blossom | The Powerpuff Girls

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Ah, Miss Blossom, how nice to see someone remembering to wrap up warmly.

[You will be presented with a gift of a chemistry set. A very educational gift, Mary Poppins is sure you will agree]
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Of course! It's very easy to get sick this time of year, and nothing ruins a nice Christmas more than a bad cold. [NODDING SAGELY.]

[But Blossom's eyes light up happily at the chemistry set, squealing excitedly as she hugs it to her chest and whirls around.]

Omigosh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Poppins! This is just what I wanted this year! How can I ever thank you for it?
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Just Mary Poppins, please.

[But she smiles.]

Well, if I may request one thing? Continue with your studies and your time with your sisters. You have good balance in your life, Miss Blossom, and it is an important thing to keep as you grow.
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[Blossom nods eagerly, still clutching her prized chemistry set to herself in glee.]

I will, don't you worry! Though it can be a little hard sometimes... they get so easily distracted that it's really difficult to get them to buckle down when we need to get work done. It can get really frustrating!
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That, I believe, is the point of siblings. They are to equally frustrate you, and share many happy moments with. Enjoy your time together, and while I cannot say that I disapprove of your trying to get them to buckle down... Perhaps it would be best to remember that they will want you to relax and have fun with them as well.
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[Looking a little chastened, she looks down and nods her head.]

Okay, I understand.

... but I'm drawing a line at Buttercup's mud puddle fights.
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Head high, Miss Blossom. It does not do to slouch when you are looked to by your siblings to lead.

[Whic is Mary Poppins' subtle form of encouragement. She frowns at the idea of mud puddles]

Quite right. While there is no harm to a little dirt now and then, children who deliberately play in mud puddles will find themselves sick.

[Advice? A strange Mary Poppins warning? Who knows!]
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[She straightens herself up a bit, always the type to obey when her image is on the line.]

See, I've told her that! A lot of times! But nooo, she just insists on getting herself filthy and stinky and not taking baths for a week and chasing out monsters from the city. It's really gross!

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She will learn soon enough, as all do.
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Re: Blossom | The Powerpuff Girls

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Blossom-chan! Merry Christmas! [Here, have some Christmas candy]
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Ah, thank you so much,, chan? Is that the right one? Bubbles is much better at Japanese than I am.

Hold on just a second!

[And she zips over somewhere for a moment, to return with baton with lots of flower stickers and pink paint on it.]

Here you go, Merry Christmas! This'll be really great for your routines!
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[Sakura nods, encouragingly]

Japanese is hard to learn. Sensei says for non-native speakers, it can be one of the hardest. But English is hard as well! And you speak English very well.

[Sakura doesn't realise she's speaking English right now. IT'S THE MAGIC OF SANTA! She claps her hands together, and smiles on seeing the baton]

Thank you, Blossom-chan! It's cute!
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Well, it is my native language! Bubbles' super-power is being able to speak to anything, so she didn't really learn it, she's just talented in that respect. I, on the other hand, am teaching myself conversational Chinese, and that is a doozy.

[She looks enthused at Sakura's reaction, however, and starts bouncing around.]

You think so? I worked a really long time on it, and had to hunt down really nice stickers for it, and looked up a lot of stuff about aerodynamic design, and shape, and and-- um, I'm really glad you like it though!
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Ah, Melin-chan has tried to teach me some Chinese and it is hard. Especially written down.

It's lovely! I can't wait to be able to use it!