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1) Reply to the Santa at the start.
2) For real, everyone gets a gift from Santa, everyone. This gift may be coal or worse.
3) Post to the meme with your character, name, etc.
4) Reply to others with the giving of gifts! 'Tis the season, after all.
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Makoto Kino | Sailor Moon

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[ Hopefully Makoto doesn't mind a charming prince walking toward her with a smile on his face. ]

A lovely girl like you on a lovely day like today should be graced with a gift.
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[She doesn't mind at all.

In fact there's something about this charming prince, maybe it's the shape of his face.

It reminds her of the guy who broke her heart.]

R-really, for me? You shouldn't have...
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Kino-senpai, please accept this gift! [Sakura hands over some Christmas sweets. Thank goodness the magic of Santa allows magical girls all to know each other! And yes, those are pretty flowers on the packaging. Sakura thought they were sweet]
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Awwww, Sakura. They look great.

[She accepts the gift then steps over and offers Sakura some treats and chocolates that Makoto had baked herself.]

And I got these for you.

[Then she'll kneel down and open her arms to give Sakura a big old hug if she'll accept it.]
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[And of course Sakura will give a hug]

Kino-senpai is so kind! Thank you.
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[Well she can only Sakura is ready to get lifted up and spun around, because that's totally what's going to happen.]

And don't you forget it!

So how's the year been for you anyways?
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[There's a bright giggle as she's spun, Sakura hugging into Makoto a little because Kino-senpai is amazing]

It's been really busy, but it's been a good year. I've learned a lot, and made new friends, and I even got taller. What about you, Kino-senpai? Have you had a good year?
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[Well once she's done spinning the younger magical girl, she'll scoop her up and hold her up in her arms. Sakura's still small enough that it's almost effortless for her.]

I know that feeling. I don't know how I manage to get as much as I do done in so little time. It's been a great year though.

You might have to watch it with the height though. I'm not sure I can keep this up if you get much bigger.

That's not true, she'll always be strong enough to mess with her.]
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But Kino-senpai is stronger than everyone! Like a tree! You stand strong, and protect everyone.
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[That gets a smirk and she'll ruffle Sakura's hair.]

True, but I'm only one tall tree in a forest of really great people.
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Your tree has really pretty flowers on it, too. Because Kino-senpai is really very kind and gentle!
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Hard to argue with that.

[She can't help but flash her two rose earrings at that. She literally has pretty flowers on her.]

I've got some Sakura flowers mixed in too at the moment. They're pretty adorable too.
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[Oh, have some more hugs]

Kino-senpai must be really popular! Because you're really nice, and kind, and gentle, and strong. Everyone must think you're the best.

[Because those who Sakura adores MUST BE ADORED BY ALL]
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Kino-san, it is good to see you looking so healthy on this fine Christmas.

[There is a small rose bush plant in Mary Poppins' hands, wrapped with a bow around the pot. It is addressed to Makoto Kino]
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[Her eyes go a bit wide with surprise when she sees the rose bush, but it quickly turns into a warm smile.]

Thank you, It's good to see all the exercise has paid off. You're looking good too.

[Her hand will gesture to the rose bush.]

Those look lovely too.
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Ah yes, they do.

[And she promptly hands the pot over to Makoto]

Merry Christmas, Kino-san.