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The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

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After standing there for a few seconds, apparently appraising Max for her suitability re: this dare, Chiduko nods and trots over proper, casually going in for a hug like they're lifelong friends.

A pleasure to meet you. ♡ I have to ask...Would you object to me showing you some of my love? You seem like the skittish type, and I wouldn't want to scare you off prematurely, ehehe...♪
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[Max is surprised at the sudden hug, but also not too much. Weirder things have happened in here. She even reciprocate, even if her hold might feel a little awkward.]

Nice to meet you too...

[She's a little more taken aback when it turns out the hug wasn't part of the dare. She recovers quickly though, she's used to this too. Or maybe she just has a soft spot for girl with colorful hair.]

Um... sure, go on.

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I'm so glad that you're used to proper greetings, ehehe. ♪ And you're so wonderfully amenable to sharing love too, what a nice change! Most people either get very upset, or look confused; it's peculiar, when you think about it.

But, I suppose I'd better act instead of thinking, so that you're not on tenterhooks. ❤

[Wait, what? Chiduko just continues smiling serenely, even as she moves both hands up to Max's shoulders and leans in a little (okay, a lot) too close. ...Aaaaand kisses her right on the mouth, like this is also totally normal to do to a stranger. A cute stranger, at least, and one she almost looks pouty over not kissing when she pulls away.] ...See? Sharing love. Isn't it a beautiful thing? ♪ And over so horribly fast, too...A pity.
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[The girl is giving her too much credit. She does feel a little tense, not knowing what to expect. She doesn't mind affection, showing it or receiving it, but she's still a stranger after all.]

Well, yeah. I'm trying to be too open to new experiences...

[And this experience shouldn't be too new for you, right Max? Still, her body gets a little more stiff as the girl takes her by the shoulders and leans in so close. And then, as their lips meets, she closes her eyes.

When the girl pulls away, she's still a little stunned, but she tries to recovers at smiles at her. It wasn't bad, no?]

Of course it is. Especially if it's with the right people.

[Honestly, if she were a dude, she probably would have run away instead. She never know what to expect from guys...]

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[Considering she gets manhandled by another Disciplinary Committee member on the regular, tense is still an alright reaction to Chiduko. It's not a straight up no, just an uncertainty, and one she can either win or lose to. So she just keeps on smiling like a trooper, reaching over and fussing with Max's hair if she's allowed to.]

How very adventurous of you. New experiences, amazing encounters...They make life beautiful, and I admire you for seeking them out just like I do. ♡ [Wait that's not-- God damn it Chiduko.] After all...Everyone is right, for me. But I do have duties to perform, so perhaps I'm a special case. ♡ Still, I only pick the cutest people for these kinds of special encounters; I simply couldn't afford to waste my energy on failed efforts or disappointment. Love, excitement, fun...Such important things. I'm glad we can agree on so much. ♪
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[Max lets her fuss with her hair, she smiles a bit too amused, even though automatically tries to fix it a moment later.]

Well, usually I feel like that people mostly drag me into them. [That counts too, right? She hopes it does.] Duties, you mean the dares or i general? [She wants to make sure she doesn't get it wrong, like the girl goes around kissing people for commissions or something.] Oh and thank you. I think you're very cute to, by the way. [She's honest about that. She can't help be a little flattered too at being complimented by a pretty girl.]
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[ Unfortunately, Quistis can't catch a break. She's chosen to define the word "seduce" liberally and there's honestly so many people around it's hard to decide who to approach. She can't say if she really has a type, but in the end she aims for someone both attractive and approachable looking to her. ]

Ah, hello. Interesting evening we're having, isn't it?

[ She's already fidgeting with her hands, though she corrects this by clasping them behind her back. ]
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Hi. [Max smiles at her. She can tell the girl is nervous. She can relate, she has felt the same so many times. Especially when it comes to certain circumstances.

Anyway she wasn't dared to do anything this round, so she feel quite at ease, for now.]

Yeah, things are always quite interesting around here... and a little weird too.
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[ Honestly, the way that she talks is enough to make her feel less uncomfortable. There's something about the casualness of it all instead of the usual serious conversation she either is sucked into or creates herself.

She brushes part of her hair behind an ear, smiles just barely and lets out a quiet tiny huff of air.

I'm just glad it isn't as weird as it could be. I've enough of that in my life, if I'm entirely honest with you. It's nice to have a break like this.

[ Of course, it doesn't occur to her at all that this is probably the least ideal way to start off seduction. Then again, she tried to flirt with Squall while unloading her problems on him at the same time, too. She's just not entirely cognizant of how... awkward she is at times. ]
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[Max is used to chatting up strangers, in fact she finds it easier sometimes than talking to people she sees every day but doesn't know well, maybe because a stranger won't have a pre-made idea about her. An usual habit when she finds the right person.]

Oh, I know what you mean. Once I was asked to act like this cartoon character, complete with outfit. It was fun but so hard...

What about you?

[And she doesn't have no idea what the girl is trying to do, but the will come up sooner of later, no. At least she's pretty sure she won't be bitten or something slighly violent like that.]
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[ Quistis, on the other hand, has a group of people pledging to protect her and join her on daily activities -- from a distance. They're more a nuisance than anything else, treating her like she belongs on a pedestal and doesn't want to involve herself with others. ]

Oh, wow. That one is... something else. I've only been told to make a flower crown and talk about my feelings with people that I already know. It's a little out of my area of experience, but I've never done anything that strange.

[ She isn't sure if she would be able to do as requested, but then again here she is. Doing her best (which incidentally is pretty poor). ]

It seems I've had it easier. [ She holds out a leather-gloved hand. ] I'm Quistis.
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Yeah, that was weird. I have to thank my name for that, it's the same as that character. ...And I don't about that, talking about your own feelings is not that easy, even if it's friends. I've had my issues with it too.

[And for a long time actually. Lately she has started to fix that, being more open, listening to her friends, trying to be there for them always.]

Max, nice to meet you. [She holds her hand, smiling.]