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The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.
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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

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...Oh! You're perfect!

[ That is a dumb thing to shout at a stranger. ]

Uuuh. Hey, would you mind giving me a moment of your time?
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[Or a nice thing to shout! Although Max knows the girl means perfect for something, not overall perfect.

Anyway, she smiles at the stranger.]

Sure, how can I help you?
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Oh, great! Thanks!

[ She takes a moment as she remembers that is only a yes to listen, not yes to her actual offer. ]

Uh...Oh, right! I need to get a date with someone beautiful.
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Oh, do you want me to help looking for somebody? There are quite a few people around here.. [Max takes a look around, oblivious to the fact that the girl might have meant her.]
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...Hehe! You're cute and funny!

[ The obliviousness is endearing and Soleil gives the girl an additional +3 in cuteness. ]

I appreciate the offer, but I know of a way to save each of us some time. So, you? Me? How about it?
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[It finally dawns on Max that the girl meant her, her cheeks red for the embarrassment. But she also feels flattered of course, she never thought of herself as "beautiful".

She smiles, trying to forget her misstep.]

Yeah, sure! I accept.
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Aww, really?! Yeah!

[ She makes one energetic fistpump in the air. The grin on her face looks even more doofy than before. ]

So, what do you like? Tea? Coffee? Whatever you want, it's my treat.
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[Max grins at the girl's excitement. Dare or not, it feels pretty flattering.

The girl seems cool too, she's going to have a good time.]

I like both but tea this time, thank you.

And I'm Max, by the way, nice to meet you.
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Max, huh? Alright, I'll remember that forever.

[ She flashes Max a wink and a thumbs up. ]

I'm Soleil! I want to know everything about you, Max, so make sure to tell me everything interesting.
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[Forever? Max is surely getting and ego boost today.]

Nice to meet you Soleil, what an unique name.

And... oh well, I'm not that interesting. [Except she can't just talk about the most interesting fact about herself, not without a few eyebrows and questions being raised..] I'm 18. I go to an art school, I wish to become a professional photographer someday.

What about you?
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[ She beams in response to the compliment. At least, she interprets 'unique' as a compliment. ]

An artist! I'm nothing that fancy. In fact, I'm not much of anything, now that I think of it. I'm a professional do-gooder if that counts.
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[Max definitely meant for it to be a compliment, it's a very pretty name.]

An artist... not sure yet, maybe one day, I hope. And a professional do-gooder definitely sounds like something, I wouldn't underestimate that.

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torsion: if i wasn't lazy all my keywords would be macho man quotes. (i live this it's automatic.)

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[ Jill Valentine, this is your life. Which is now, incidentally, Max's problem. At least she seems to appear normal. ]

Hey, how's it hanging?

[ Starting a conversation off normally will hopefully make this less awkward than if she jumps into it, but it's hard to say. She hates this joke. ]
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[Max is as normal as a teenager who just discovered she can turn back time can be!]

Hello. [She smiles at the woman, perfectly calm. She's used to chatting up strangers.] I'm fine, thank you. How about you?
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[ Just how it goes. Like attracts like? Something she should be used to by this point, she supposes. Either way, there's no BOW lumbering after the girl and that's all she can ask for.

Fight might be fun right about now to break the ice, though.

Oh, not bad. [ She lets out a low, awkward laugh while clasping the curve of her shoulder vaguely. An uncomfortable gesture at the worst, self-conscious at best; not terribly like her, but there's just something about the joke that makes her want to throw someone off a pier. ] So, how'd you feel about a delicious Jill sandwich?

[ Maybe she should just throw herself off a pier. ]
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[Max can see the woman feels pretty embarrassed so she tries to accommodate her the best way can, she's an awkward person herself herself after all, she knows what it's like.

Except, when she's asked that question, she can't help but feel taken aback.]

What? [Oh man, that was a little too loud.]

Er... what do you mean?
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[ Well, Jill can appreciate that. But somehow it only makes her dread this all the more; if anything, she should be doing the accommodating and be more bold. This isn't like her and it's enough to drive her up the walls.

She vaguely raises her hands in a defensive gesture for a second before letting them slip back down to her side.

Ugh, I think it's okay to let the cat out of the bag. My name's Jill. I was almost crushed by one of those Scooby-Doo moving ceilings -- you know what I mean, right? -- once and my friend made a comment about almost being a sandwich because of it. [ Her pale face only makes the red tinge more obvious, all the way to her ears, but she is taking it more in stride than earlier. If anything she seems more annoyed than uncomfortable. ] Sorry, it's a weird thing I can't escape hearing or saying somehow, some way. But if you want a normal not-weird sandwich it'd be my treat.

[ Hand settling on her hip, she mumbles that she doesn't even know what would be in a Jill sandwich anyway. ]
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[Max now feels she may have overreacted, somehow she thought that the girl was proposition something inappropriate. A downside on being around Chloe and overhearing jocks on campus for sure. She stretches a smile, trying to recompose herself.]

Uh... yeah, I get it. That sounds dangerous though, how did that happen? [Her smiles is more relaxed now, she feels bad over probably having made the girl's embarrassment even worse. She had her fair share of weird dares to fulfill.] Oh well, I'm not a cannibal so I'll pass on the Jill sandwich, yeah...
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I was in a section of my city's police somewhere between military and SWAT that was dedicated to the growing drug crimes and strange cases that were going on back then. [ She doesn't really want to say that there were whispers of cannibals and you know, wild packs of mutilated dogs. She'd thought it was just urban legends herself for a long time. ] Honestly, it's not like I went looking for it. Kind of the start to the rest of my life.

[ She doesn't seem unwelcome to questions about it, just that the story is long and rocky. Like once you start it, you're going to have to pull up a chair. ]

Ha, well, glad to hear it. [ At least she's getting a hint of a smile now, her talkativeness falling less into the realm of nerves and more friendliness and a desire to chit-chat. ] I knew the way it sounded and I've dealt with my share of creeps and bad pick-up lines, especially from my seniors. People are weird.

[ Then again, she's also weird. Just not gross-weird. ]

I am Jill, though. Jill Valentine.
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Oh, interesting! Definitely not Scooby Doo-ish then. [As far as she remember, in Scooby Doo the monsters were never real... and she doesn't even know there are actual monsters in the woman's story.] But what do you mean? It wasn't just some freak accident? [Curious as ever, Max doesn't shy away from long stories.

She laughs softly at her words about creeps, agreeing.]

Yeah, I got it all wrong at first. I should have known better.

My name's Max Caulfield, nice to meet you.
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[personal profile] torsion 2016-03-11 08:48 pm (UTC)(link)
It... ah, well. Kind of a long story full of assholes trying to take advantage of people, viral outbreaks, and monsters -- we call them BOWs, which is short for Bio Organic Weapon -- that ends in the creation of an anti-biohazard NGO, which I'm a founding member of. [ She thinks that's a decent summary. Maybe. ] I, well, I guess the best way I can put it is pharmaceutical giants have a lot of money and free time on their hands and or some reason go for classic haunted house traps.

[ Though from what she knows of history and torture, there are plenty of people with money who have made similar places. Maybe not to that excess and with that many fail safes, but the history of this isn't her particular. It's the beat-'em-up part. ]

Nah, 'round these parts I think staying on your toes is just well enough.

[ Jill is half-awkward in how she holds out her hand before the gesture seems more firm and certain. Professional. ]

Pleasure to meet you, Max. Sounds like you've seen your fair strange of oddities, yourself.
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[Max looks at Jill with disbelief, she's has her fair shares of strange stories and weird encounters, but apparently there's no limit to the amount of crazy one can witness. Of course, she's also as curious as ever, so she doesn't interrupt her.]

Wowser... [Is all she can say for a moment.] Like actual monsters? And haunted houses?

[Max smiles amused then at her words about the oddities of this place.] That is true. Although so far is was all pretty harmless, maybe a little embarrassing.

[She holds Jill's hand. A confident grip, feeling at ease now.]

Yeah, my life has been pretty strange weird recently. Plus this place, you meet all kinds of people.
torsion: if i wasn't lazy all my keywords would be macho man quotes. (i'm harder than nails.)

[personal profile] torsion 2016-03-15 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
[ Jill's eyes briefly widen, her brows raising in a playful but sarcastic way. Nodding her head, her smile's thin. ]

Ha, yeah. Although it's more spooky than actually haunted. Zombies and monsters, yeah; ghosts, haven't seen a lick of 'em. For the better, really.

[ Although she supposes "zombie" still isn't the correct term. There's nothing paranormal or supernatural in the works there, just viral outbreaks. ]

Seems to be on par for course, the embarrassing part. Seems like the second someone can do something anonymous they're out to make things awkward. Can't say I'd be so innocent given the chance, either, but...

[ She's stick to the people she knows. Then again, something of this dare stank of one Barry Burton, the original teller of said bad joke she was just forced to inflict upon unsuspecting people in these parts. ]

Well, we've got that in common at the very least. [ She's careful in how she pulls away, no rush but no uncomfortable lingering either ] I've... ah. Begun to notice that, myself. You're not old enough to drink here, huh? Got a nonalcoholic vice I can treat you to?
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[personal profile] dramaquing 2016-03-15 01:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[Spooky? More like terrifying.]

I don't know... I would pick ghosts over zombies and other monsters though. [Max has an hard time processing this, despite believing Jill.] This is so incredible, I can barely picture it.

[She then nods in agreement.] Yeah, definitely. I guess it makes sense, why would you dare somebody to do something that would be easy for them. [She smiles a little then.] I can't say I hated it, doing a dare successfully can be a good ego boost.

Everybody has been pretty cool at least... except some guy who who threaten to actually eat me for dinner. [She's glad she managed to escape that situation, she still wonders if he was just playing with her though.] I'm 18. I'm not fond of alcohol anyway. [Max, the straight edge girl.] A soda would be nice though.