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Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything!

Everyone has their own story, whether they're the protagonist or some measly side character, and people want to hear yours!

Just post a description of yourself in the title and let those crazy anons ask you questions.

Here are some examples:
  • Ask a MgRonald's cashier!
  • Ask someone who studies Titans for a living anything.
  • Everyone ships me with my best friend, AMA. (also, help)
  • My life revolves around pitting animals against each other, ask me about Pokemon.
  • I met Goku in a meme once, AMA.
  • Ask a guy who gets 10 minutes of screentime.
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[personal profile] ofwoe 2016-09-01 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
It's an old one, so uncle Fester tinkered with it to raise it up a little. So around nineteen hundred to two thousand volts, at seven amps most of the time. Would you like to try it?
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[personal profile] trustmeimagenius 2016-09-01 05:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Not personally, but I would like to observe it's effect on a ... participant.
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[personal profile] ofwoe 2016-09-01 06:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm sure my brother Pugsley would be an excellent candidate; he does so enjoy that chair. But we don't put on shows for strangers. Not unless they're good guests.
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[personal profile] trustmeimagenius 2016-09-02 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
I have a selection of antique hunting weapons that I'm sure we can come to an arrangement on.