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the anon KISS meme


Post with your character
Go anon and tag other characters with suggestions on who to kiss
Pucker up

christmas meme bonus! mistletoe everywhere!

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Yuri Plisetsky | Yuri on Ice | OTA

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someone shorter than you

if impossible, then someone that looks like they could be a cat person
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[So the dare requuired someone with a 'resting bitchface' like him, Yuri looks to be that person. He's young though.

He doesn't know how to ask him to kiss him.]


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[The resting bitchface seems to be more of an active bitchface as Yuri scowls and crosses his arms. Why do people stare him like morons all the time?

(Probably because you snarl at them like an angry cat if they get close enough, Yuri...)]
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Yu~ ri~ o! [ Here comes a Viktor glomping Yuri. Viktor immediately undrapes himself from him and holds him by the shoulders at arm's length. ]

Which cheek do you like more? [ Yes, he's asking you which cheek you prefer to be kissed. He's trying to be subtle. ]
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[He's pretty sure he knows exactly what Viktor is getting at, but that doesn't mean he has to play along. Nope. The right course of action here is to look at him like he's a complete moron while simultaneously bristling like an angry cat.

Not that that's not his go-to reaction to most things, but it seems particularly appropriate here. Which cheek does he like more? Seriously??]
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Which cheek do you like more? [ Yeah, repeating this line would definitely make Yuri more cooperative, Vitya.

Viktor crosses his arms and after a pause taps a finger on his lips as if in deep thought. ]

I know! [ His eyes are sparkling with his wonderful idea. ] If you don't choose... [ He takes a step closer to Yuri and leans over him, his grin teasing. ] I'll kiss both!
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[He's going red because he's angry, not because he's blushing. That's what it is.

If anyone suggests differently, he'll kick their ass.]

You're just going to do whatever you want anyway!

[He kind of has him there.]
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[ ooc: Sorry for the delay! I got so caught up in the new year’s preparation and celebration. No pressure tagging back! (Also, happy new year! ^_^ ) ]
[ Viktor pinches both of Yuri’s cheeks and then pulls up the corners of his lips upward to make him look like he’s smiling. The effect couldn’t be any further from what he wants so he tries not to laugh. Tries]

Are you telling me that you would actually be opposed to it? Here I thought it’s one of your greatest dreams to be kissed by me!

[ He’s kidding, but he’s also kind of not. ]
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[If he could get away with biting him, he would. Instead he continues to blush furiously and bristle like an angry kitten.]

Who would dream about something like that?!

[A lot of people, Yuri. And you're not making it look like you're not one of them right now.]
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[ Aw, why are you like that Yurio. You're gonna make him cry. Not really, but he will look like he's about to. He lets Yuri go and bows his head, pouting. ]

I understand. It's clear to me now that you dislike me so much. I won't try to kiss you anymore.

[ Have a great heave of sigh. ]
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G-good. No one asked you to in the first place.

[And he's going to cross his arms decisively and turn his head to the side to show just how much he means that. Does that present one side of his face to Viktor? Yes. Is it intentional? Don't ask him or he'll rip your face off.]
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[ Viktor sees it as Yuri presenting his preferred cheek. So a huge puppy glomps the angry kitty and swoops in for a kiss. Just one but he prolongs it. vkusno! ]

You are the cutest Yuri!
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[He's beet red now, struggling and trying to do his best to get free of this big idiot. He should have known this was going to happen...]
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[ Clingy Viktor is clingy. He even rubs his cheeks on Yurio's. Poor kid. Nuzzle, nuzzle. ]

It's not gross! Telling and showing people how you feel about them is really liberating. You should try it some time, you know.

[ He stops, something occurring to him. He levels Yurio a stern glance. ]

But none of that screaming and stomping that you do. And kicking. Definitely not that, too.
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[Well, if that's how it's going to be, he'll kick him in the shin.]

I'm more honest about it than you are!
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I just said no kicking! Why can't you be kind?

[ Ow. You're going to pay, Yurio. He's eyeing your other cheek, in case you're not paying attention...]
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I'm not kind to idiots!

[And no, of course he isn't paying attention. All his resources are being diverted to the Department of Lack of Anger Management.]
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[ ACCEPT YOUR FATE. Also, you're grounded, young man. ]

That so? Now I know why you always look so pissed? Because you have to spend all that time with yourself.

[ He's waiting for his chance like a... tiny bunny waiting for a tiger to lower its guard what. ]
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[Is it possible to kill an international celebrity with your bare hands and get away with it? Is it possible to kill someone with your brain?]
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[ Shit-eating grin to match your rage. ]

My point exactly.

[ Come on, you know you love Vitya, Yurio. 3, 2, 1---smooch! And then all the triumphant laughs. ]